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Do you qualify?

  • Are you working full time?
  • Are you an individual who earns between $23,520 and $47,040 per year?
  • Does your family of 2 earn between $26,880 and $53,760 per year?
  • Does your family of 3 earn between $30,240 and $60,480 per year?
  • Does your family of 4 earn between $33,560 and $67,120 per year?

If you answered yes to working full time and your family meets the income requirements and you are interested in getting on the interest list, please complete the following form.


Application Process


The LIVE Denver pilot program targets renters who earn between 40% and 80% of Area Median Income (AMI).  In real terms this means an individual earning between $23,520 and $47,040 or a family of four earning between $33,560 and $67,120 annually.

More details:

  • Participants pay 35% of their gross household income to the reasonable rent payment for their unit;  the LIVE Denver Fund pays the balance.
  • For more information see Program page.
  • The LIVE Program will set aside 5% of the monthly rent payments to an escrow savings account on behalf of each participating family or individual. Upon the exit from the program, the participant will receive all funds saved, minus any unpaid liens.
  • LIVE Denver will utilize a national third-party rent-reasonableness evaluation service to determine the Reasonable Market Rent (RMR) for the units submitted. The RMR represents the maximum contract rent paid for each unit.

LIVE Denver is administered through The Denver Housing Authority. All information submitted is held on a secure server. 

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